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Welcome to Harmoni House Holistic health. I believe in seeing the client as a whole person - including body, mind and emotional wellbeing. I have a solid anatomy and physiology background from working in the medical field for 25 years. I incorporate that knowledge with my passion for natural remedies, mindfulness and coaching to provide a unique holistic service. All the products used during sessions are self-sourced and handmade by myself. They are selected for their unique properties in helping my clients and are organic and free from any chemicals or additives.

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Foot and leg massage
60 min 800,00 kr 480,00 kr Mer info
A marvellous massage with just the right touch. Performed with all-natural products, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.
A relaxing massage using various techniques (traditional Swedish massage, rhythmical massage, pressure point therapy, fascia release and lymph drainage).
Highly recommended for muscle tension resulting from prolonged computer usage.
A unique, tranquil session to relieve tension in the body and mind. Health benefits include reduced muscle pain, headache and anxiety and improvement of blood and lymph circulation.
Upper body massage
60 min 800,00 kr 480,00 kr Mer info
A relaxing and tension-relieving massage for the back, neck and face to reduce pain, improve circulation and release tension in the muscles. Highly recommended for discomfort due to prolonged sitting and computer work.


60 min 800,00 kr 480,00 kr Mer info
A gentle, pain-relieving treatment for arthritis joints to improve circulation and stiffness. Organic massage lotion with pain-relieving dandelion oil and shea butter is used. Includes lymph drainage, classic Swedish massage, fascia release, pressure points and dry needling if required.
60 min 800,00 kr 480,00 kr Mer info
An integrative approach to relieve constipation and bloating. A gentle treatment that yields quick results. Includes gentle abdominal soft tissue work, dietary and lifestyle advice.
60 min 900,00 kr 540,00 kr Mer info
A holistic, expert approach for the treatment of chronic headaches, including stress-induced headaches, sinus headaches and headaches relating to jaw problems(TMJ). Proven to reduce the frequency and intensity of bouts.
60 min 900,00 kr 540,00 kr Mer info
A thorough evaluation and treatment to reducing the frequency and/or intensity of recurrent migraines. A gentle, expert approach including treatment of the head, face, jaw, neck and shoulders. Recommended once a month for migraine sufferers.
Surgical Scar
60 min 800,00 kr 480,00 kr Mer info
A wonderful all-natural treatment to improve mobility, appearance and reduce pain around surgical and traumatic scars. Helpful for mastectomy scars, cosmetic surgery, C-section, abdominal surgery etc.

Harmoni House

Welcome to Harmoni House, where I strive to give you professional, holistic wellness treatments with passion, empathy and enthusiasm.
Conveniently located 50 m from the Karlaplan tunnelbana, at Belladonna Hudvård

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