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betyg4.7 Fantastiskt bra(1866 betyg)
Sveavägen 124, 113 50, Stockholm
To our dearest Clients, We know that you are worried, concerned and wondering.. LITTLE DID WE KNOW THAT FOR MONTHS, THERE WERE PEOPLE WHO HAS BEEN PLANNING TO DESTROY AND OVERTHROWN THE BUSINESS (BORACAY SERENE) IN UNIMAGINABLE WAY. Never we imagined that the moment you made your way up, people could put an interest on you. Boracay Serene was founded by a Filipino Family. Because of its unique technique and great hospitality, it has gained several hundreds of clients even during covid. Boracay Serene is where you found the combination of QUALITY and AFFORDABILITY. You have found your second home. You come to us regularly with your family/whole family, friends, coworkers and love ones. You trusted us for years. We have won your heart. We once started at point A and if it was not for you (our clients), we would never get where we are now. To stay in business was never easy, but we did it. Boracay Serene has now faced its biggest battle. Those people might have shaken the Boracay Serene and the people's lives that were in it. They managed to make up stories to get the success of damaging the business and our lives. But God knows what's inside our heart. God saw everything that really happened and what these people have done. God is who's going to guide us and overcome this bump. Despite this, we will never lose our heart. We will strive and stand back stronger. We apologize if we are taking it easy with the schedules, please bear with us. We are kindly asking for your patience.

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Female Massör
I am a professional massage therapist cooperating with Boracay Serene as an intern in order to expand my knowledge and skills, and to be able to use it when I build my own business in the future.

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4.7Fantastiskt bra
1866 betyg
till Vin
En riktigt bra massage! Jag kommer tillbaka.

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Camilla W.
till Vin
Köpte på lets deal och bokade tid med min syster den tid som passade oss, helt plötsligt innan tog det bort en av våra tider utan förklaring. Sedan bytte de telefonnummer och hade ingen dag som passade oss.. Tillslut fick vi en tid mitt i veckan kl 1715 efter fått tag i dem.. inte lättaste, vi fick stressa dit .. De som massera var bra på det.. men både jag och min syster tyckte inte det var så fräscht. Fuktig bädd inte bytt handdukar?!

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Hello Camilla, to be honest, we really feel bad about your review. We had a clear and  polite conversation in email 2 weeks before your appointment to inform you that we need to cancel one of your appointments as the other therapist is not available on that day. That conversation was May 05 and your appointment with us is May 17. We did the best we could to find you another date that suits both of us.  We also wanted to make it clear that we are changing the towels after every client. We care about all of our clients and all we want is for you to feel comfortable and relaxed while you are having your massage. You are also allowed to bring your own towels if you might think that we do not have a fresh salon or oils if you have sensitive skin. Thank you for coming to us and trying our massage treatment, we are glad you and your sister like it.

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Jonas N.
till Ja
Väldigt bra massage, trevlig och social massör. Högsta betyg utan tvekan :)

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Alexandra C.
till Ja
Jättebra massage! Fin salong och väldigt trevlig personal! Jag kommer tillbaka ❤️

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Om företaget

Vi är en familj som arbetar tillsammans. Vi är certifierad och hårt arbetande massageterapeut från Filippinerna. Vi är glada att hjälpa dig gärna med att lindra din kroppsmärta och stress. Kom och besök din lilla asiatiska salong,


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